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Golden Medical and CannTrust intend to conduct a prospective open cohort observational study, on the effects of Topical NSAIDs with or without Medical Cannabis.

CannTrust will supply it’s pharmaceutically standardized line of cannabis products for all medical marijuana observed within the study.

The Pain Study

Offering Paid Participation

Are topical anti-inflammatory pain creams effective at reducing pain and opioid use in combination with cannabinoid therapy?

The objective of this study is to determine the effects of topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) with or without medical cannabis for reducing pain and opioid use.

The Pain Study may continue for up to 24 months. However individual participation time may vary and completion is not mandatory.


Complete one survey per month from any web enabled device.


Up to $100 per month credit as payment for medical cannabis**

Eligibility criteria

To be accepted into the study, you must be:

  • Willing and able to provide information consent
  • Willing and able to complete web-based study assessments
  • Aged 18 years or older
  • Persistent pain lasting longer than 1 week
  • Already had or be willing to have a consultation with a Physician or Nurse Practitioner to assess for, and if required prescribe a Topical Medication and/ or medical cannabis

Patients who agree to participate in the study will then be surveyed to meet clinical inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Proposed Therapy for the Pain Study:

Custom Formulated Pain Creams:

• Applied topically

• Covered by most health benefit plans

• Anti-inflammatory & non-narcotic

• May be combined with cannabis therapy

Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Oils:

• For oral consumption or topical application

Dried Cannabis Products:

• For inhalation or vaporization

Enroll to get started
Enroll to get started

Your study doctor and the study team are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your health information. All information collected will be kept confidential as required by law. Any data or results of this study reported will not include information that can identify you.


A federally regulated licensed producer, CannTrust™ brings more than 40 year of pharmacy and healthcare experience to the Medical Cannabis industry.
View CannTrust’s line of medical products here

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Pain creams administer high concentrations of pain medication directly to the site of pain for targeted relief. Experienced pharmacists work with physicians to create a custom formulation to meet a patient’s unique needs. These formulations offer the benefits of precise dosing, personalized treatment, and the combined effect of multiple ingredients working together for optimal pain relief.


Compounded pain formulations are applied topically; therefore they do not circulate through the entire body. It’s powerful pain medication where it is needed, less where it isn’t. Pain creams are less likely to interact with other medications and cause fewer side effects than traditional anti-inflammatories. The risk of dependence and addiction is virtually eliminated.


Custom pain creams are formulated using an anhydrous silicone base designed and proven to effectively deliver pain medication. This type of transdermal base has been tested and shown to deliver up to four drugs simultaneously, and to deliver these medications more effectively and efficiently than other topical bases.


This topical cream is formulated for neuropathic conditions and assists in minimizing pain through its direct deliver to pain receptors.


Created to relieve pain associated with muscle spasms and increase mobility in affected muscles.


This formula is compounded to help effectively treat muscle strain, repetitive stress, and persistent soreness.


Developed to provide long lasting relief of Migraine pain.


  • Targets numerous pain receptors at once
  • Fewer adverse reactions and side effects from traditional oral medication
  • Reduces drug-drug interations
  • Non-addictive formulations
  • Good for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills

May be fully covered under your health benefits plan.

Registration & Pain Study Enrollment Form

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